About U.S. Lit

Weekly Outline

In General:

MWF–Writing Workshop

T–Book Discussion and Free Reading

Th–Free Reading and Vocabulary

Course Outline

Trimester 1

  • It Starts with a Dream: Exploring the American Dream with The Great Gatsby
  • Live Free or Twihard: The Emotional Landscape of Romantic and Gothic Literature
  • The Great Outdoors: Nature, Iowa City, and the Great American Road Trip

Trimester 2

  • Scraped Flat By the Rollers: War and Immigration in The Things They Carried
  • Do I Dare Disturb the Universe? Isolation in Modernist Poetry
  •  Text it, Tweet it, Like it: The Media, Technology, and Healthy Competition in The Catcher in the Rye
  • Hate in America: Reading The Crucible

Trimester 3

  • Intervention and Prevention: Prisons and Schools in American Society
  • Blues in the Night: The Merger of Music and Poetry
  • The Citizenship Test: What Makes Me an American?


Goal Areas

  • Independent Reading
  • Class Reading
  • Discussion
  • Writing Process
  • Writing Products
  • Vocabulary
  • Effective Research

What the Numbers Mean

11 = Above and Beyond

10 = On Target

9 = Really Close

8 = Almost There

7 = Picking Up Steam

6 = So-So For Now

5 = No Evidence Yet

How You Meet Your Goals

1. Apply feedback and lessons to your work.

2. Check Power School weekly.

3. Complete everything that is assigned on time. Email or come in for help.

4. Ask to revise major assignments within the trimester for up to full credit            after pursuing additional learning (e.g. tutoring, review work, etc.).

How I Help You Meet Your Goals

1. Give feedback on assignments and base lessons off of what you need.

2. Update Power School weekly.

3. Assign work of value and make myself available to help.

4. If you come to class without major assignments done on time, I assume you either need help or time to complete them. You will come in before or after school to get caught up. All major assignments must be completed by trimester end. Credit for the course cannot be awarded without sufficient evidence of learning.


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