Debate Rebuttal and Cross-Ex

We put together some sample cross-examination questions and rebuttals using the example below.

HW: Reflection essay due tomorrow.

Resolved: The cost of college outweighs its benefits.

1. College doesn’t guarantee high employment.
2. College tuition costs are inflating more than salary levels.
3. College could have the same benefits at a lower price.

How do you know it will have the same benefits at a lower price?
How does this account for people’s effort?
Do you have any statistics?

1. College is a beneficial investment.
2. College graduates earn more money.
3. College graduates offer impeccable benefits to society.
What are your statistics?
What benefits do they offer society?
What’s the guarantee that graduates will earn more money?

C1. The average student will not be able to go for free—doesn’t affect the majority.
C2. Not necessarily. Due to the economy, many people with college degrees are taking jobs way beneath their degree level.
C3. Not all college graduates will get great jobs that will help the economy. CEO’s are hardworking and ambitious (e.g. Steve Jobs).
P1. It could also be about who you know, so you still might not be able to get a job. If you don’t get the job you studied for, what’s the point? Also, it’ll take longer to get out of debt.
P2. The years you can’t pay it back delay other life decisions. Loan deferrals can trap you in a cycle of debt.
P3. All we need is more costs than benefits and we’ve won!

C1. There are thousands of other scholarships.
C2. They still are able to make more money and contribute to society. Mobility.
C3. Everybody who has a job helps the economy.
P1. You still need to be qualified. College is a place to meet people.
P2. You’ll still get out of debt. You can travel later on. Just be conservative.


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