1. Go to http://www.edistorm.com and create a storm (if you are the leader). If you’re not the leader, sign up for an account. Search for your group leader using the “friends” tab at the top and you will be able to add to their storm after they have created it.

2. Research videos, photos, articles, and quotes that relate to crime and/or education. DO NOT GOOGLE “CRIME” OR “EDUCATION.” Instead, think about a specific topic within crime and education that interests you, that relates to your book, or that connects with the key details you found in your book for this week.

3. Add anything interesting you find to your group’s edistorm. Feel free to comment (productively) on each other’s posts.

4. Use your whole time to post AS MUCH RELEVANT MATERIAL AS YOU CAN. The goal is VOLUME.


-To apply the concepts we’re studying to the real world.

-To gather enough details to find patterns.

HW: Free read 20 minutes. Keep tracking key details on crime and education.


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