1. Finish your résumé on I Have a Plan (required for Guidance).

Option 1:

Read about how to revise your résumé and do any revisions needed before printing.

Option 2:

Make a LinkedIn profile (If choosing the second option, it is your last step. Be sure to invite Jennifer Brinkmeyer to view your profile).

Option 3:

Select a GoogleDoc or Word template to play with the formatting then print or share.

Evaluation Criteria:

1. The writer uses a clear and organized resume format. The resume has identified and complete sections. Sections are organized in a sen- sible way: chronologically, by order of importance, or by skill.

2. The resume fills a single page. It is written in brief, understandable phrases and contains relevant or standard facts. It does not contain the pronoun I.

3. There are no errors in mechanics, usage, grammar, or spelling.

HW: Read 20 minutes everyday. Keep track of crime/education references in your lit circle book!


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