Poetry Buffet, yum!

Choose five elements from this list to analyze a fifth and final poem by your poet:

  1. Figure out the meaning of a poem one sentence at a time.
  2. When confronted with unfamiliar words, use THE authority to understand them: grab a dictionary.
  3. Read the poem aloud or ask someone else to read it aloud to you.
  4. Rewrite the poem without line breaks, in regular sentences.
  5. Read the poem without any adjectives.
  6. Ask and try to answer questions for yourself—why does the poet say that?  What does the poet want me to feel?  How does this line fit with the rest of the poem?
  7. Ask a friend to talk it through with you.
  8. Remember that not everything in the poem is literally happening. Visualize those figurative phrases—what could they mean?
  9. Discuss the symbols and what they mean.
  10. Discuss the imagery and its significance.
  11. Discuss the tone and its effect.
  12. Write down the theme.
  13. Discuss the title and its importance to the poem.
  14. Paraphrase the poem.
  15. Mark the shifts and describe what each section is about.
  16. Identify some significant words and describe their importance.
  17. Discuss the figures of speech used and their effect.
  18. Describe the antecedent scenario. What was happening before the poem began?
  19. Discuss the climax of the poem.
  20. Draw the emotional curve of the poem.
  21. Tell how the poem is a unique treatment of the topic.
  22.  Identify the main character of the poem and describe how they change as the poem progresses.
  23. Discuss the roads not taken. How could this poem have been different?


HW: Free read 20 minutes everyday.


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