Test Prep

If you were gone, turn in your bookmark and moody words activity.

Make sure you can answer all of the following questions about your lit circle book, just like I did about Dead Poet’s Society.

ElementsàLevels (below) Physical Temporal Social Psychological
Micro: School A series of days Dead Poets (friends) Excited and vivacious.
Meso: Town Fall to Winter Teachers and students Disciplined and hardworking.
Macro: New England 1950s Families/Townspeople High expectations
  1. You must know the book’s:
    1. The major character(s)—1, maybe 2 (e.g. Neal)
    2. The goals of the major character(s)—What do they want in the book? What are their motives? (e.g. To become an actor.)
    3. The obstacles that get in the way of the major character(s) obtaining goals. (e.g. Neal’s father wants him to be a doctor.)
    4. Actions taken or that could be taken to achieve goals/overcome obstacles. (e.g. Neal snuck behind his father’s back to do act. He also tried standing up for what he believes in. He commits suicide.)
    5. How setting is involved in goals and obstacles. (e.g. Because this is set in a repressive environment, Neal does not have the proper coping skills to deal with how overbearing his father is. Instead, he uses deception and rash decisions because he feels trapped. His school and the time period don’t help the situation, where students were viewed as vessels to be filled so they could complete the will of the adults.)
    6. Rules in the setting that affect goals, obstacles, and the overcoming of obstacles/achievement of goals. (e.g. Seize the day (this is in direct conflict with all the other rules at work), work hard and become a doctor, avoid the arts, and obey your father completely.)

You will also:

  1. Identify setting elements that seem to be most important as far as their effects on the characters and their actions. (e.g. School in the 1950’s, plus the friends’ values vs. the father’s values. Finally, all of the psychological elements.)
  2. Connect setting elements that are related and identify the nature of the relationship. (e.g. The school, the 1950s, and the father (along with the macro and meso psychological elements) form one side while the friends and their micro psychological elements form the other. Because there is less on their side, the opposition feels overwhelming.)
HW: Free read 20 minutes everyday.
Paper due 11/2.
Test on 11/3 (no notes, but you should know the info above).

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