Why We Are the Little Hawks

Did you know that the Hawkeyes are named for a character in The Last of the Mohicans, a book written in the romantic period? The book was about the French and Indian War. Watch the first six minutes of the following video for a scene.

In this scene, the British are being led by a Native American guide through a forest. The guide is actually a traitor and leads them into an ambush because he has allied with the French. At the end, 2 Mohicans (a different Native tribe) show up and save the day. They haven’t picked sides in the war, but they don’t believe an ambush is fair. Write down what romantic and gothic elements you see in this clip. Remember, romanticism was optimistic about humanity while gothicism was pessimistic. Turn this into the tray.

You also need to read for 10 minutes and complete the first paragraph of your writing assignment.

HW: Free read 20 minutes everyday.


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