Gatsby ch 5-6

1. Free read for 20 minutes.

HW: Finish Gatsby (ch 7-9) by next Tuesday. Along with the reading, fill out on a piece of paper the following:
Topic (choose from: Society and class, Love, Visions of America, Wealth, Memory and the Past, Dissatisfaction, Isolation, Mortality, Marriage, Gender, Education, Lies and Deceit, or Religion)
Book’s Belief Statement or Question
Supporting Passage
Example from Today
Your Response

Here’s an example using Romeo and Juliet:

Topic: Secrets
Book’s Belief:
There are times when secrets should be told.
Supporting Passage:
Friar Laurence: “All this I know; and to the marriage
Her nurse is privy: and, if aught in this
Miscarried by my fault, let my old life
Be sacrificed, some hour before his time,
Unto the rigour of severest law.”
Example From Today:
Greenspan wanted the housing bubble kept a secret when it first came to their attention. This led to a world recession. Moderation here, as well as in R & J, would have made things very different.
My Response:
This is a very convenient device in literature. People are always keeping secrets when they should be confessing. Secrets are a way that we drive ourselves apart from other people who could help us. Granted, sometimes secrets seem legitimate. For example, if you tell someone something it’ll make things worse. Though how are you to know? And what’s the difference between a lie and a secret? It’s hard to say what would have happened had R & J been proactive. I have a feeling that Juliet would have been forced to marry Paris anyway. They may have still tried to get away. In which case, they may still have died. Hm. Maybe it doesn’t change much, but it still feels like a better first option than keeping the secret.


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