Gatsby ch 3-4

1. Free read for 20 minutes.

2. As a class, we came up with these facts/theories about Gatsby. We’re trying to use the text better to support our ideas.

What We Know About Gatsby What We Think We Know about Gatsby
–Brought up in the Midwest, educated at Oxford (p. 69, 76)

–Collecting jewels, hunting big game, painting (p 70)

–Jittery (p. 68)

–War hero (p. 71)

–Rich (start of chapter 2)

–Thing for Daisy (82-3): bought a house to live across from her


–Sad and Lonely


–Lying about his past?

–Did he go to Oxford?

–Money from family, murder, mob, speakeasies?

3. Turn in your response journal for chapters 3 and 4.

HW: Free read 20 minutes everyday. Please read chapters 5 and 6 for next Tuesday (9/6) and use five Post-Its to mark your thinking as you read (questions, comments, confusions, etc.). I have some Post-Its if you need some.


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